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Mega H® is the primordial antioxidant! As the original creators of Silica Hydride and Microcluster® technology, Dr. Patrick Flanagan sets the benchmark for quality and effectiveness in antioxidants. Mega H® consists of tiny molecular cages, five nanometers in diameter, made from a silica-mineral hydride complex with embedded H- ions. Once inside the body, it releases H- ions that are the most powerful known antioxidants; increases ATP production (energy); and reduces pain, swelling, and inflammation. As a dietary supplement, Mega H® Silica Hydride provides powerful hydrogen ions (hydrides), that scavenges free radicals, including hydroxyl, peroxide, superoxide and singlet oxygen radical species. Additionally Mega H® has demonstrated the ability to increase internal cellular energy (ATP and NADH) and metabolic activity.

Mega H® Effectively Lowered Blood Lactic Acid Levels During Strenuous Exercise

A recent double blind crossover study found that 4 capsules of Mega H® taken daily with the addition of 2 capsules in water taken 30 min. prior to strenuous exercise, reduced blood lactate levels by approximately 50%. Six male cyclists participated in a 40K (24.8 mi) bicycling exercise trial on a stationary bike. Participants took either Mega H® or placebo for a week before the exercise trial and were crossed over to receive the alternate product on the same schedule. Each participant did the cycling trial twice, once on placebo and once on Mega H®. Maximum oxygen volume (VO2 max), blood lactate, heart rate and work output were evaluated during the exercise. Blood lactic acid levels (measured 5 min. after the end of the exercise trial) showed statistically significant lower values during Mega H® supplementation as compared to placebo (p< 0.05) (Unpublished data, Peter Raven, PhD. and Wendy Wasmund B.S., University of North Texas Health Science Center at Ft. Worth 1999). 

Lactic acid accumulates during strenuous or prolonged exercise. It causes stiff, painful muscles and limits endurance. It is a common problem for athletes, people who work out, play sports or do physical exercise for an extended time. The decreased lactate levels observed immediately after strenuous exercise are another indicator of the ability of Mega H® to help in providing a direct energy source (ATP production) to cellular function. Additional research is necessary to determine exactly which biochemical pathways are being enhanced by the addition of Mega H® during exercise. Strenuous exercise tends to turn muscle into anaerobic metabolism as the body can not supply the amounts of oxygen fast enough to support energy production through regular cellular respiration. An ergogenic energy function is when a substance enhances biochemical energy without introducing additional carbohydrates or calories to the diet.

Physician Using Mega H® Climbs Mount Everest Without Oxygen

In 1991, at age 39, Denis Brown M.D. of British Columbia attempted to climb Mt. Everest without supplemental oxygen. He reached 26,000 feet. Again in 1994 he made the climb and achieved 28,000 feet before he surrendered to the extreme conditions and turned back. In 1999, at age 47, he added Mega H® to his supplement regime. Mega H® helps to reduce the build-up of free radicals and lactic acid, and supports production of ATP. He succeeded in reaching the peak of the South Summit at 28,750 ft. without supplemental oxygen and reported that this time he felt stronger and had more energy than on previous climbs.

Aging Marathon Runner Using Mega H® Improves Time

In January 1997, at age 39, Andrey Kusnetzov ran the Brazil Marathon in 2 hr 17 min and 52 sec. The following December, he added Mega H® to his daily supplement regime, taking two capsules with a third capsule opened into his glass of water each morning and again each evening. In January, he ran 2 minutes faster, winning first place in the Masters Division (Age 40+) at the Houston Methodist Marathon. The following April 1998, he continued to improve his time and won the Boston Marathon Masters. One year later, at age 41, in a field of 12,000 runners, he again won the Boston Marathon Masters in a faster time of 2 hr 14 min and 20 sec, despite higher wind and heat which caused other top runners to finish with slower times than in the previous year. Following the race, Green Planet Wellness Store's medical director entered the recovery room where exhausted runners collapsed on cots and were treated for fainting, hyperthermia, and vomiting. Andrey remained standing, relaxed, and appeared unaffected by the run.

Mega H® More Effective And Safer Than All Other Antioxidants

Mega H® is the most powerful antioxidant known. Mega H® is a dietary supplement made exclusively by Dr. Patrick Flanagan. Its main active ingredient, Silica Hydride, contains ionized hydrogen. Negatively-charged ionized hydrogen contains an extra electron that is microencapsulated using a nanotechnology called Microclusters®.

Comparing the effectiveness of the Silica Hydride in Mega H® on free radicals versus other natural, and even synthetic, antioxidant compounds clearly shows that Silica Hydride is 800% more effective than other known products or foods.

Published research conducted at prestigious universities validates that the unique formulation and chemistry of Silica Hydride Microclusters® in Mega H® are safe and contain no toxic byproducts.

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Mega H® Three Packs

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